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ROAM is an inspired line of lifestyle products designed by 42 pressed. ROAM by 42 Pressed products are a curiously concocted selection of goods including 100% Natural soy wax scented candles was created to enrich life experiences for those who embark on life’s journey. A modern approach to travel accessories intended to be used at home or abroad. Currently consisting of beautiful scented candles as well as map prints from cities around the World

All the scented candles from ROAM by 42 Pressed are made of a natural soy wax and use only pure cotton wicks.  The ROAM by 42 Pressed Soy Wax scented candles produce a very clean and slow burn and are truly environmentally friendly.

The Map Prints by ROAM by 42 Pressed, include London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and more.

We currently ship ROAM by 42 Pressed Scented Candles and Map Prints throughout the UK and Europe.

    Map Prints

    Scented Candles